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Website Registration FAQs

School Loop registration
Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for the Website (School Loop) and Aeries Parent Portal

San Rafael City Schools Student Information Systems
Davidson Middle School Parents

Frequently Asked Questions:
I recently received a letter asking me to register for Aeries Parent Portal, is that the same as School Loop registration?
No, Aeries and School Loop are separate data and information systems; we would like you to register for each of these systems since they serve different communication functions. Our goal is to provide you with information you need as you partner with us in your child’s education.
What is Aeries Parent Portal?
Aeries, by Eagle Software, is our district’s official student information system. Aeries Parent Portal provides you access to view your student’s official school records. You can view your child’s attendance records including absences and tardies; and view the emergency contact information we have on file for your student. Aeries Parent Portal lets you view past grades for progress reports, quarters and semester grades, and performance on STAR and other state tests. High schools open the system for a brief period in the spring, to allow students to register for the next year’s classes.
Can I keep the same Aeries Parent Portal account when my child goes to high school? 
No, the databases for K – 8 and 9 -12 are separate, so you will need a new account when your child goes from Davidson to high school.
What is School Loop?
School Loop is a web based communications utility. School Loop is used to create and maintain the school, department, teacher and district websites for public viewing. Teachers and staff have access to create and maintain their own sections of the public website.
In addition to the public website, the School Loop Utility allows the school staff to create news and calendar events that are viewable only for registered users, such as parents, students, teachers and staff, when they log in to the website.
Why should I register for School Loop?
When students and parents register for School Loop they will receive news, assignments and view a calendar in an email or by logging in to the website, including calendar events that are posted strictly for students and parents. 
Many teachers use the system to post current assignments, class events, and due dates.
How do I register for School Loop?
Students and Parents need to have the student’s permanent id number in order to register. The permanent ID is found on the student’s ASB card. Go to your school’s home page and click register, choose parent or student registration and fill in the form. 
What do I do if I registered, but I forgot my username and password?
Click the Log In button on the homepage.  Click the link that says "Forgot Password"  This triggers a window where you will input the email address you used when you registered.  School Loop will send you an email with your next steps.
How do I become “Approved” as a parent on School Loop?
At least once a week, the school staff will review new parents that have registered to be sure they are really parents at the school, and “approve” them.
What is a “challenge”?
If you believe someone has falsely registered as your child’s parent or as your child and the school staff didn’t catch it, please use the “Challenge” feature to let the staff know so we can investigate and remove them.
What is the daily “Homework email”?
Registered parents and students will receive a daily homework email that includes current news from the school and their own teachers.
Some teachers add current assignments to the website, and these will be included in the homework email received by registered students and parents. These items can also be viewed when students/parents log in to the website.
 Per Davidson Middle Schools Student Policy students are still required to write assignments down in their plan books to help them develop good habits of self-organization. Please encourage your child to take personal responsibility for getting organized and managing time to complete his or her schoolwork and study for upcoming tests and quizzes. 
Why don’t I see grades in progress for my student?
Grades are viewable in Aeries Parent Portal after each grading period and progress report period, these are posted every 6 weeks during the school year.
Where can I find information about Attendance: Absences and Tardies?
This information is available in Aeries Parent Portal and we will begin importing it to the School Loop/Website system by late Fall semester of 2009.
Can I turn off the daily homework email?
If you don’t want to read the daily homework email each day, feel free to delete it. If you wish to turn it off, you can go to the Account Management area in your portal to turn it off. You will still be able to log in to the School Loop portal to view current news and assignments.
What else can teachers and students do with School Loop?
Assignments area: Students can ask questions about assignments by posting a message; both the teacher and other students can make responses to the questions. (This discussion feature can also be a way for teachers to set up an online discussion assignment, a technique that some research suggests can improve student writing.)
Dropbox tool: Teachers can have students submit assignments using the digital drop box. 
Groups: Teachers can create groups to allow students in different sections of the same course to have an online discussion. This has primarily been used by the high school teachers, but some fifth grade teachers have been discussing a cross district group for their students.
My Locker: Students can save files in the “My Locker” area and download them to continue working on them at home or at school, or on any Internet connected computer.  
Web Page Lockers: In web page lockers, teachers can easily share documents and website links with website visitors.
Loop Mail: Students can easily email other students or teachers and staff when needed using the Loop Mail tool. And teachers can use Loop Mail to return assignments to students.
How can I change my password or contact email address in School Loop? 
You can change your password and contact email in the Account Management section. This section is in the top right of your portal. 
What else can parents do with School Loop to improve school to home communication?
Booster groups may choose to create groups (such as PTA or foundation work). Group members can add events to a group calendar, add documents to a shared document “locker” and have an online discussion, using the group as a space for coordinating activities and involving parents and staff who cannot come to face to face meetings. 
I still have more questions!
Please email District Support –
To let SRCS know if there are other questions that should be included in this Frequently Asked Questions list.