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Physical Education is designed to promote enjoyment of physical activity, self-confidence, physical fitness, improved motor skills, and exposure to different physical activities throughout the 200 minutes every ten school days. As in classroom instruction, physical education begins with the unique skills and abilities of each child and systematically develops aerobic fitness, gross motor skills, and sports-based skills. Our goal is to have students develop healthy minds and bodies that incorporate movement into their lives

All 6th-8th grade students at Davidson have PE daily and a total of 250 minutes a week.


Patrick Chamberlain                       PE 6 -  PE 8

Borg Klein                                         PE 8 

Eugene Lang                                    PE 7 - PE 8

John Corbolotti                                PE 7 - PE 8 

Leilani Siri                                         PE 6 - PE 7

Stephanie Stenmark                       PE 6 - PE 7