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ASB (Associate Student Body)


What is ASB?

ASB stands for Associated Student Body and responsible for representing the students and their needs! For instance, if the students feel they need more school bonding activities then it is up to ASB to communicate that to teacher leaders and create more opportunities for students to bond! ASB officers are also responsible for leading the school, meaning that when they create those opportunities for students to bond they are the ones leading those activities. For instance, if ASB decides that we should play games every Wednesday at lunch then they are the ones leading and organizing those games.

Become an ASB Representitive!! Get involved!  Talk to your 1st period teacher to find out how you can be a ASB Representative for your class.


Student Council Officers 2023-2024:

Student Body President: Riley

Student Body Vice President: Jackson

Student Body Secretary: Kate

Student Body Treasurer: 

Student Body Historian: Jonathon


ASB Coornidator:

Mrs. Cox

415 485-2400


Meeting Dates:

Every other Monday at 7/8 Lunch in room #72.