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Information for outside presenters


All of our projectors at DMS use a standard VGA port.  Some of our projectors are ceiling mounted and have a vga port in the wall, others are loose projectors and have many ports on the back, but the only cabling we have on hand here is VGA.

If you plan on bringing your own laptop or device to DMS and connecting to a school projector, make sure your device has a VGA port on it.

VGA port on a laptop

If your computer does not have a VGA port on it, you will need to bring your own video adapter that converts to VGA - DMS does not have a supply of adapters. Each type of video port has a slightly different adapter, so be sure you have one that converts from your computer to VGA. (All Mac devices have proprietary Mac video ports all needing adapters, and some newer PCs are being sold with only HDMI ports.  All of these will require an adapter to VGA).


Davidson has wireless you can connect your personal device to from almost everywhere on campus.

Things to know:

  • If you are a guest (not a DMS employee or student), you must connect to the "SRCS-Guest" network.  It does not require a password.
  • All internet you are able to access on the SRCS-Guest wireless network is behind a district web filter that cannot be bypassed.  This blocks sites like youtube, most social networking sites, and many others.  If you are planning on using internet in a presentation, be sure to have someone test your web page on our network ahead of time to ensure it is not blocked.
  • After connecting to the SRCS-guest network, you must agree to the terms of service.  Your device may automatically open a screen for this or you may have to open a browser to complete this step (like you would at a hotel).  If you are connecting a PC to our network, that page will also load a java applet that will scan your PC for antivirus software (required).
  • The wireless internet only operates during the day and turns off automatically in the evening.