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All Students Safe; DMS Campus is “All Clear”

Posted Date: 11/17/23 (3:21 PM)

All Students Safe; DMS Campus is “All Clear”

I am writing to let you know that most importantly, all students and staff are safe. At around 12:20 pm today, Davidson Middle School went into a precautionary lockdown, and then shelter-in-place in response to many hearing loud noises in the area that sounded like gunshots. Students and staff immediately followed our safety procedures and we contacted law enforcement. 

It was soon realized and confirmed by the San Rafael Police Department that the noises came from a nearby vehicle that had backfired several times. SRPD conducted a thorough search and investigation before giving the “all clear” and lifting the shelter-in-place. I am relieved to share that our students and staff are safe, and am grateful that everyone worked together and responded quickly and appropriately. The incident lasted approximately 20 minutes. The normal school day has now resumed. 

I understand this may have been a stressful situation for our students, staff and families, and encourage you to check in with your child this evening. At this time, our school counseling and wellness staff are checking in with students. We believe that it is important that they be encouraged to discuss these potential feelings and emotions. If you know of any student that many need support, our school counselors and Wellness Center staff are available to provide assistance. 

The safety of our students and staff are our highest priority. If you have any questions, please call the school office or 415-485-2400.


Michael Stachon